I decide the life I will have

I wish I had done everything I wanted to…

I wish I had been more positive and less negative,

I wish I didn’t give up on my dreams when I could’ve kept fighting,

I wish, I wish, I wish…

Don’t let these words to be the last ones,

Don’t let your time on earth goes by like if it’s forever,

Don’t let others to tell you what you should or shouldn’t do.

I’m the only one who knows what my dreams are,

I know the power I have inside… Not my friend, not my teacher, not my coworkers, not even my family.

I decide what I can or can’t achieve in my life, and the reason is simple, IT’S MY LIFE… AND I HAVE ONLY ONE.

I don’t live life based on others expectations, 

I have more strength than what I can imagine, 

I am not average, 

I will face challenges with all my soul,

I will keep moving forward,

And I will go through whatever and whoever try to stop me.

I am strong but not rude,

I’ll put myself in your shoes but I won’t live there,

I am humble but not timid.

My goals are higher, my reasons are stronger, my desire is bigger

I am not above or below anyone,

I am not superior or inferior than others.

The only thing I know is that I am hungry of success,

I will give my all 24/7 365 because there’s one thing that I am afraid of… and that is REGRET.

If I fail, at least I will live with the satisfaction that I gave my all,

Regret is a killer and I don’t want it to be part of my life,

I’ll chase my dreams, day in and day out. 

Because I believe anything is possible if I tell my mind to.

I will work now and enjoy later,

I win or learn and never lose,

I don’t need other’s opinions, I have my own.

I will do everything I want to,

I will be positive,

I will keep fighting.


This is a text I would like to “sing” in the future when I am able to. So, I wanted to share the lyrics and I hope it has some meaning for your the same way it has it for me. It’s a reminder that YOU are the one in control. You are in charge of your life.


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