Is creativity what we need to develop in order to make a difference?

We all know that nowadays everything is developing and moving very fast. Technology seems unstoppable, new applications and machines will continue doing our job faster and more efficiently. This is why we need to be different, we need to evolve and develop unique skills. Otherwise, technology will replace all of us…

It seems like nothing can be better than technology, nothing but creativity.

Creativity grows every day, every experience we have in life create new connections in our brain which turn into new thoughts and ideas that we can bring into reality. A TED talk called 4 Lessons in creativity – by Julie Burstein mentioned a very important point. Paying attention to the world around us, being open, and embrace experiences help us to develop our creativity. Are we doing this?. Are we really paying attention to the world around us? to the people around us? or is technology also is keeping us from this?

Creativity has multiple definitions, but basically, it is the process of bringing what you visualize, imagine, dream or think about into life – Hopefully in a different way. There are multiple myths about creativity as well. Like that it is all about genetics, which is not true. Creativity is part of genetics and experiences – but more of the latter. It is a skill that can be learned and trained, and also we can foster creativity, specially in kids. Which is really important for the future of our society.

In this post, you will get a summary of the most important ideas about creativity: I will share the most useful tips with you to start working right now in your creativity.

Doing two things at one is doing neither. Is this always true?

Most of the time when we are multitasking is because we are in a hurry, we want to save time, maybe we don’t really care about what we are doing, or those activities don’t need our entire attention. Now, we also know that when we are multitasking, we are not doing each of those tasks the best we can, we are splitting our attention.

A TED talk called A powerful way to unleash your natural creativity propose that if we are willing to slow multitasking down, it might work very nicely for us. The author mentions that Albert Einstein and other big names of the history practiced slow multitasking down. They worked in multiple projects at the same time, but not because they wanted to save time or they were in a rush. Actually, it took them years before coming up with their theories. I want to share with you the reasons why they did it, and why slowing multitasking down is powerful.

  1. When you have an idea, move it from original context to somewhere else, to a different field. Find relationships and connections between this same idea in different areas. This will make your brain think out of the box, and it will increase your creativity.
  2. Knowing how to do something well, can often help you do something else. It is like cross-training, putting two different fields working together towards a better performance. This TED talk mention that, if we want to become better at what we do, maybe we should spend some time doing something else. Even if those fields seems to be completely distinct.
  3. Multitasking can provide assistance when you are stuck. The author gives a very good example. If you can’t figure answer when playing crossword puzzle, it is because you have the wrong answer stuck in your brain. So, go and try to find a different word. Change topic, switch context, suddenly you will forget about the wrong answer. This will give the right answer space to pop into the front of your mind.

    If you have another project you love and you feel excited about, being stuck on one is just an opportunity to do something else. Learn as much as you can, even from different fields. Each knowledge will fit together and big ideas will rise.

Why reinventing the wheel?

Kirby Ferguson, in his TED talk called Embrace Remix propose that creativity is nothing but a REMIX. To make it very simple, what we do when creating is copy, transform, combine. Like what Henry Ford said, he just assembled discoveries of others. If we combine this TED talk with what Julie Burstein mentioned about putting attention to the world around us and embrace experiences. We can say that we don’t need to create something from zero, we just need to put attention in what we have around. Find something we love, and transform it based on our feelings, experiences and knowledge.

“Creativity is new connection of previous stuffs. it’s a property that we all build on.”

Creativity is connecting things. We can see something and connect it with OUR experiences and come up with new ideas. It’s all about finding our inner voice, our deep feelings, and being more empathic. So…

How can we foster and boost our creativity?

  • Writing down new ideas
  • Trying new things
  • Learning unfamiliar subjects
  • Meditation
  • Getting enough sleep
  • Spending time outdoor
  • Holding a brainstorm session at work
  • Explore multiple solutions to problems
  • Watching people in every day creativity can also boost our own

What should we avoid?

  • Stress
  • Time constraints (avoid rushing as much as we can)
  • Working in the same place
  • Lack of sleep
  • Perfectionism
  • Fear of failing
  • “Always being connected.” Most of the big ideas come from being quiet and focused on ourselves. We should welcome boredom and reduce rushed multitasking. Take your time, no pressure, big ideas take time.

How can we boost children creativity and prepare them for this competitive world?

Study of children say that children start to demostrate their creativity from at least the age of one, by exploring objects. by two, they can invent ways to use new tools on their own, and from around eight years, they can invent their own tools.

So, if we want children to be more creative we can do the following:

  1. Lead by example. When children watch someone being creative they become more creative themselves. Figure different ways that you can use an object for: For example a table. We can put things on, also it can be a house or a cave, if we flip it it could be boat or a space rocket. Let’s open our minds.
  2. Videoclips of magical content. they recommend show them short clips about magic, 15 minutes per day. (What do you think about this one?)
  3. Don’t stop dancing. Let them improve their dance, don’t just teach them routines, let them move their body however they want to. Make them think different ways they can move their arms and legs.
  4. Give freedom. Parents with high level of demands for children and at the same time fail to responsive to their kid’s own ideas. Children end up with lower levels of creativity. Instead, follow your child’s lead and see where they will take you.
  5. Understand touchscreen generation. Let them play with apps (after few years) that allow them to express themselves (write, paint, collage, draw, make music). This point is important because in this “technology era” we can’t keep kids away from technology. At the end, we decide how and when to use it, we have the power over it.

Last thoughts

Live in the present, appreciate everything we have around, love the people you are surrounded with. This will not only make you feel better as a human being, it will also increase your creativity, which is our goal. Watch everything around you, and remember you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, you can transform whatever you see and love based on your experiences and likes.

Creativity is what will put you one step ahead in life’s game. Leave your thoughts flow freely, without rushing it, no pressure, no judgement, connect with your inner voice. Above all, never judge yourself, you don’t need to be special to be creative, you just need simple things, like:

  1. Encourage yourself
  2. Training
  3. Motivation
  4. Give you the opportunity
  5. Practice, practice and practice.



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