Millions of dreams die every single day, every hour, every minute, just because of the fear of people’s judgement.

Most of the time those judgements come from the people we love the most; our family, friends, boyfriend or girlfriend. They treat us like we are crazy for having that idea, and tell us we should not waste our time… After days or weeks, our idea/dream start vanishing little by little.

The toughest part is that people don’t tell us things like “HEY YOU SUCK” or something like that, which might make us get upset and do it anyways just because we are upset. NO! they don’t do it like that, they say things like “ARE YOU SURE? I THINK IT IS REALLY DIFFICULT”, “OH, REALLY? BUT YOU KNOW THAT MOST PEOPLE FAIL WHEN DOING THAT, HOW ARE YOU GOING TO PAY FOR YOUR STUFFS?”, “WE JUST WANT THE BEST FOR YOU”, “EVERYTHING WE SAY IS BECAUSE WE LOVE YOU”. Which sometimes makes us believe we are wrong. But it’s stupid or “impossible” for them, not for us.

Is lack of encouragement DANGEROUS?

Parents specially discourage children’s dreams “for their own good” and they shift their life towards more “reasonable goals”. Children take this and accept it as “normal” because that is what parents are saying. One thing I learned reading a short book about persuasion was that when parents do that, is extremely risky. For different reasons but the most important one is that later in life, that children could meet somebody that encourages them and believes in them, IN THEIR DREAMS. What happens next? who has more power? A STRANGER rather than parents.

An entrepreneur called Gary Vee has been a motivation for me for many months. One thing he says most of the time is “don’t give a fuck for what people say (including family)”. And it’s so true, there is one person you need to listen to and that is YOU. We know what is right and what is not, we can feel it inside, we feel that burning desire when we are doing what we know is right for us. Have you felt it?

Why is our family so scared of failure?

Everyone who has became successful has gone through hell and that is why they became unstoppable. They didn’t just go through pain, they GROW through pain. And that is something I am proving every single day. Those days without a job, money, or food, just shaped me and made me hate it so much that I promised myself I will never go through that again. If I have to do 2 jobs, 3 jobs or 4 jobs I will do it. Waking up at 6 in the morning and finishing work at 11 in the night will never be a problem again.

And that is what I am actually doing right now, every day, no days off.

I recommend everyone that is reading this to become a friend of pain and failure, because we will fail many times before finding our passion, take it and keep moving. Don’t let a failure to stop you, don’t lose focus of what you want to achieve, don’t let people to discourage you. Listen to them, smile and give a fuck of what they say and do it anyways, and if you fail… GOOD, YOU HAVE JUST LEARNED ANOTHER WAY OF HOW TO DON’T DO IT.

What about me?

For me specifically, my family always supported me in pretty much everything, I just never believed I could make it. Now that I am older, I have been always thinking things that people could say like: “WHAT, you are going to do that?, you have never been serious, you are the funny guy of the parties and you want to help people?”, “People don’t change”. I was scared of posting some of my experiences on Social Media because people could laugh at me. Now, I feel embarrassed because I let that influence me and keep me from what I really wanted to do. Fortunately, NEVER is too late

I discover something that probably you already know. Whoever brings negativity is because they are so full of shit inside and they don’t know what to do with it, they are so insecure that the only thing they can do is try to put others down because they can’t find anything good within them. my advice for this very first post is:

  • You parents love you so much that they don’t want you to fail. They might not understand that in that pain and failure is where the growth is. Love your parents, and do whatever the fuck makes you feel happy anyways.
  • Be empathic with negative people, be empathetic, they might be in pain… Or just full of shit.
  • Take action


  1. It’s so true that parents want the best for us and they believe that it is the best for us, but they don’t necessarily know what is truly the best. I believe that they really love us and they only say things to protect us, keep us safe. However, we have our lives to live, it’s our walk and we need to fall in order to get up. I agree that we should respect them and their opinions but ultimately it is our decision and the way we choose to live. Of course we need to make wise decisions but don’t be afraid to take the leap, to chase something that you believe in.
    I don’t agree that we have to be sad for the people who hurt us. I think we need to understand them. They might be hurting us consciously or unconsciously. This is their decision and the way they react, probably as a defense. For us it’s hard not to take it personally but we shouldn’t take it personally. Shoot them with positive vibes and see how things turn around 😜

    • Thank you for the comment, you are completely right. Its like muscles, right? they grow after going to resistance (lifting weight). And yes, what you say is true, what I mean by that is that people that hurt are probably hurted and that is sad, it is the way I see it. It’s difficult sometimes to beat negativity just by being positive, but when you feel sad for them, if something more emotional and deep, because its real, they are in pain and they are throwing it out as well. Maybe I am a little tough the way I say it, but you are right :). Have a great day!


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